British — Cameroon Relations in a Post COVID world.

Henri Kouam
6 min readMay 21, 2022


The U.K. will likely rethink its transatlantic alliance with the war in Ukraine, uncertainty over Brexit, and a need to balance its geostrategic ambitions with a string domestic policy. In my view, this will include a reappraisal of its anti-China stance, its continued demand for equivalence in Chinese markets, and China’s activities in the South China Sea. The transactional nature of U.S relations under the Trump administration drove a wedge between Britain’s approach to global diplomacy and that of its NATO allies, not least Europe wading through the risks availed to it from a post-Brexit Hangover.

British and Cameroonian Flag

The war in Ukraine has reignited the need to diversify supply chains and boost the resilience of poorer countries to strengthen agriculture and other key sectors that will determine the trajectory and quality of growth in Cameroon.

  1. Developments in Cameroon; security crisis and COVID-19 & British Aid.
  2. Its role as a “balancing” power on the global stage.
  3. Its free market and values-centric approach to post-COVID engagement.

Cameroon is besieged by twin risks, a security crisis in the North, and an identity crisis, which have wrought unprecedented economic hardship and displaced 500, 000 people. The Minister for Africa, Harriet Baldwin argued for foreign aid to be delivered via the UNICEF ranging from mosquito nets, malaria drugs, and vaccines for measles. So, Britain’s commitment to Cameroon is laudable and persistent. However, for the world’s third-largest bilateral donor with an official development assistance budget of 0.7% of GDP, it has refrained from weaponizing its aid budget to engineer anyone outcome in the Anglophone crisis. While one applauds political neutrality and respect for sovereignty, long gone are the days when aid was given without concern for value, not least in domestic policy. During the Greek sovereign debt crisis, it was Angela Merkel who said;

“If you Take our Money, you Must take our Values” Angela Merkel

Unlike in the South China Sea and Strait of Hormuz, where freedom of navigation requests has been used to counter China and Iran's brinkmanship, its approach to Yaoundé has been less confrontational. At his audience with…



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