As if things could get any less certain, the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be a recurring feature in daily life. The levels of uncertainty are unparalleled for stocks bonds, equities, and possibly any asset class one follows. In 2021, the world was exposed to a number of risks that…

While investors are still learning what happened to them in the 1990s and are trying to get their money back, they find themselves facing a new set of dangers — in some cases from the same people who victimized them before. And while it’s been difficult for all investors, smaller…


Oil prices have not only recovered, but the relaxation of lockdown measures have caused prices to rise from $61 per barrel in march to $71 per barrel in August 2021. Much of the current rally was expected and market pricing reflected the impact of deferred demand during the COVID-19…

Henri Kouam

I am an economist and contributor to Nkafu policy, a think tank. I cover global economic, fiscal and monetary policy with policy and asset price implications.

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